All your data One table

The new standard for data modeling and analysis


The Narrator Platform

A managed data system where all the data you need is in one table

Setup your data model

Use Narrator to transform all your data into a single 11-column data model.

One table, one source of truth

With only one table, each definition is shared company-wide and all reports, dashboards, and analyses point at the same source.

Minimal maintenance

Changes to BI tables (adding new columns, updating logic, etc.) can be done in a few clicks without adding any complexity to the definition.

Assemble the data you need

Generate any table for BI, reporting, and analysis on top of this single source of truth.
Answer any question
Materialize any fact table for reporting
Build the dataset for your next analytics or data science project

Build and consume data analyses

With Narratives, build actionable data analyses in a story-like format.

Deliver stories, not dashboards

Each Narrative is presented as a story, so anyone on your team can understand the underlying recommendation and therefore have confidence in any decision being made.

Tap the collective knowledge of the Narrator community

Leverage a library of shared approaches to data analyses, vetted by each analyst using our platform, and currently being used by companies like yours.
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An intro to the Narrator Platform

Ahmed Elsamadisi, CEO & Co-founder

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